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I live in the North West of England after returning from Greece where I worked as a holiday representative for several years. During that time I experienced many unusual incidents and was obliged to assist holidaymakers when they came unstuck! My first series of novels (the Aegean Sun series) uses a few of these escapades as a basis for some fictional fun about Brits on holiday and the people who are employed to entertain and care for them. I am enjoying the opportunity to relive my time as a holiday rep through these books as I am able to add a little comedy to the events and make them more light-hearted than was the case in reality.
As a contrast to writing about hot summer fun in Greece, I am also writing a series of Christmas books (Christmas on The Close) set in a suburban cul-de-sac. I have been fascinated by the character-based dynamics of soap operas for years (my favourite being Emmerdale) and I was keen to explore how neighbours could celebrate the occasion individually, yet still be involved in the group activities of that mini-society. Each book is narrated from a different neighbour’s point of view, but there are several community events involving most of the families which surface in each character’s recollections. This offers an interesting observation on their assorted opinions, morals and interpretations of those events.
There are also other standalone novels and short stories in progress, which I will be happy to give details about in the News section as soon as they are ready for publication.
Meanwhile, I will continue to visit my favourite Greek island (Kos) which I now consider my second home, having worked or holidayed there since 1992. I love the food, the people and the spectacular views - they form a perfect backdrop for writing about all the different ways it is possible to enjoy a holiday in such an amazing location. If you go there yourself during the summer and visit a local taverna, you may see a woman sitting in the corner, scribbling away in her notebook. It will probably be me, so come on over and say hello!

For now I’ll say thanks for looking in and happy reading,


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