Aegean Sun

Here you will find the details of the Aegean Sun series so far...

Aegean Sun: Room 101

This fast paced contemporary story takes place at the Aegean Sun Hotel in Greece over the summer

season.  Focusing on the various visitors who stay in room 101 on a weekly basis, it interweaves with

the stories of the hotel staff and holiday reps based there over a six month period.
The karaoke nights, bar crawls, barbeques and boat cruises are enjoyed by some more than others,

but they all have a tale to tell.  Several characters are open and honest whilst others keep secrets

from their fellow holidaymakers, reps and even their own partners.
Costas may look like a Greek Pierce Brosnan, but is he smooth and refined or just vain and selfish? 

Michalis is the perfect young Adonis and has different girls every night, but will any of them find true love?

Will Mark make it through the whole season after he gets landed with numerous extra duties? 

Just who are these people who either get lost on the day trip, go to Turkey with a hangover, hide an

affair, wake up in the hospital, or end up sharing the same man without ever knowing?
This believable account of holiday fun, described by a former holiday rep herself, can be read as

an on-going story of a Greek way of life, or as a series of connected short stories describing each

character’s individual experiences.  Either way, the entertainment is just beginning…

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Aegean Sun: The After Effects

Follow the escapades of some of the holidaymakers who stayed in Room 101 at the Aegean Sun Hotel

to find out what happens when they leave the freedom of their holiday and return to the routine of

their lives back home.
Discover the after effects of a Greek holiday on characters who are seeking a better work/life balance,

those who are navigating a more serious relationship, and those preparing for an unexpected addition

to the family which is not wholly desired by both parties.
Learn the truth behind the reason Michalis is being kept away from the girl he loves and the lengths to

which he will go in order to reunite with her, while keeping an eye on Jane as she goes through the

application process to become next year’s rep.
This short-stories sequel to Aegean Sun: Room 101 continues the tale of several of the familiar

characters to see if their lives continue in the way they had imagined.
The entertainment was just beginning in Greece, but now it is continuing back home…

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Aegean Sun: The Diaries

Take a sneak peak at the private diaries of Mark, the holiday representative at the Aegean Sun Hotel,

and see why describing his guests as Disney characters, an 80s pop duo and various Hollywood actors

makes his summer season a bit more interesting.
He experiences many unexpected events whilst caring for his guests which lead to a few sticky situations,

including a predicament at the hospital, a confrontation in a hotel room, a dilemma on the bar crawl and

a sleepless night on a flight delay.
His reports for Head Office must be professional, so he uses his diary to express his real feelings about

what has happened and to convey his true personal opinions, however unflattering that may be to the

people concerned.
Each short story can be read separately, but they are linked by Mark’s descriptions of his working life

and his attempts to maintain a happy and successful private life as he progresses through the summer.
Whatever the impediment or obstacle, the entertainment goes on…

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Aegean Sun: Room 102

It’s a year later at the Aegean Sun Hotel and this time the action takes place in Room 102, describing

another summer of fun and frolics for each of the holidaymakers staying there. Written as a series of

connected short-stories, this sequel follows the same structure as Room 101, with additional input from

the rep and extra high spirits from a younger crowd.
Discover if a fiancé will be tempted into a holiday fling, or if the age difference will scupper someone’s

fledgling relationship. Also find out if a whirlwind romance will become more serious, or if a returning

couple can enjoy a surprise celebration.
Mark and Jane are both back for another season with new jobs, assisted by their good friends Michalis,

Costas and Maria, but the set-up at the hotel has changed and it affects everyone. The boat cruise is

now the booze cruise and there is a new beach barbeque, south coast safari and 80s night which all

provide lively entertainment for the holidaymakers, but could also have the capability to expose some

disparity within their relationships.
Another year on and the entertainment never stops…

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Aegean Sun: The Office

Meet the office girls: Janet, Carla and Melissa.
It’s another hot Greek summer season and they have many issues to deal with, both in their workplace

and in their private lives, but just how much does one affect the other?
Janet is settling into a serious relationship, until outside influences start pushing her towards a future she

may not be ready for.
Carla embarks on a new romance, oblivious to the secret anguish this arouses in her close friend.
Melissa is searching for Mr Right, although Mr Rich would be more preferable.
Mark - in his new role as Head Rep - often uses the office as a base and that brings him into a closer

working relationship with his manager, Sara. She should be supportive and understanding, but is her mind

actually on the job or does she succumb to the Greek delights on offer?
Once the work is done, the entertainment carries on…

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Aegean Sun: The Wedding

A Christmas novella with the usual Aegean Sun favourites...

There’s a Christmas wedding at the Aegean Sun Hotel, but there are nerves all round which threaten to

ruin the big day…
The bride is holding on to a secret which leads to an urgent dilemma: should she be honest and risk

losing her fiancé or keep quiet and start her marriage with a lie?
The chief bridesmaid and best man strive to create a romantic atmosphere for the honeymoon suite,

but will something more personal distract them?
Will Carla’s boyfriend make a good first impression on her parents? Can Jane figure out where she stands

with Michalis? Why is Zoe so stressed and uncertain?
With the changeable weather, the large gathering of extended Greek relatives and the Christmas

preparations to consider, how will Mark manage to keep everything running smoothly and still fulfil

his role as wedding organiser?
For a Christmas wedding, the entertainment is festive…

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Aegean Sun: Rooms and Revelations

It’s time for another summer season at the Aegean Sun with the usual characters and several new ones.
How does a well-intentioned act of love turn into a disastrous mistake and will the couple who have

been drifting apart use their holiday to make the final break?
Can the youngsters who find themselves at a crossroads discover a way to move forwards without

losing each other and is a new relationship just too different to work?
Mark and Zoe try to find ways of spending time together now their rotas aren’t compatible, while Nina 

and Freddy take over the running of the bar and find they are together all the time. How will each couple

come to terms with their new working arrangements and where does that leave Michalis, Costas & Maria?
The hotel is again open for business with lots of new customers, but there are also some familiar faces

returning and their lives have changed since last year. Will the Aegean Sun work its magic and give

everyone the holiday of their dreams?
The entertainment is livening up…

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Aegean Sun: The High Street

It’s another busy summer in the High Street where all sorts of secrets lie behind the window displays

which promote such tantalising offers. The employees should leave their troubles at home to ensure a

day of light-hearted occupational fun, but sometimes the atmosphere in the shop itself can form part of

their daily turmoil.
Martha is the perfect person to sell the luxurious range of cosmetics everyone wants to try, until some

unexpected news creates doubts about her suitability.
Tracy and Nikos have quickly settled into a serious relationship, but they are each unaware of the

other’s reason for doing so.
Natalia has found someone who introduces her to a totally new kind of lifestyle, yet she doesn’t know

if it will bring her the love she craves.
Will their work colleagues support and assist them as they strive for a happy outcome, or will the

competitive dynamic in the workplace mean they have to find their own way forward alone?
The High Street is full of bargains, but the entertainment is free…

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Aegean Sun: A Pair of Summer Shorts

Two quick reads for long-lasting enjoyment.

The Greek summer season is in full flow and two Aegean Sun favourites are busy looking after

the tourists while dealing with issues of their own.

Eleni makes the most of her job cleaning the rooms of the holidaymakers, always taking

advantage of the perks on offer, but surprising news from abroad makes her reassess her life.
Athena has so much fun guiding the tours around the island that she often forgets she is

coming up to retirement age, until a friend’s experience has her searching for a satisfying


Enjoy a small flavour of life in the Greek summer season as a taster for the rest of the series

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​​Stephanie Wood