Christmas on The Close

Here you will find the details of the Christmas on The Close series so far...

The First Christmas

Imogen and Richard are new arrivals at The Close and they are hoping to make their first Christmas

there one to remember.
Only recently married, they are looking forward to having their own space and privacy, but will the

neighbours leave them in peace, or continually interfere with their arrangements?
Imogen has her own ideas about what makes a perfect Christmas day and she is pulling out all the

stops to make it as delightful as a dream. Can Richard solve the problems that threaten to derail the

festive season and stop them from turning her dream into a disaster?
Meet the first of the neighbours in the ‘Christmas on The Close’ series…

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The Christmas Cracker

Tricia and Paul are looking forward to a happy Christmas on The Close where the neighbours

have become friends.
Paul has grown close to Tricia’s son and - from the outside - they seem like a content little family,

but will Jacob ever treat him like a real dad?
Why is the man who abandoned her seven years earlier now trying to worm his way back into

Tricia’s life and will she be tempted to give their relationship a second chance?
Another episode of ‘Christmas on The Close’ explores the challenge of making choices in the present

when the past and the future are worlds apart

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A Festive Temptation

Joss and Patrick are planning a lively Christmas with lots of social events to which the neighbours on

The Close are always invited.
Patrick is happy to let Joss take the lead and organise his social calendar, without realising that the

arrangements are not always mutually beneficial.
When an unscheduled encounter leads to the suggestion of a new experience, Joss has to decide

if she is prepared to stretch the rules but would she, in actual fact, be breaking them?
Another episode of ‘Christmas on The Close’ reveals how the freedom of indulging in an unusual lifestyle

can blur the lines of acceptable behaviour.

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Countdown to Christmas

Lorraine and Ray are preparing for a traditional Christmas while learning how to reconnect after his

recent retirement.
Ray is at a bit of a loose end and is looking for something rewarding to fill his time so that he can

feel useful again.
When her efficient routine is disrupted by Ray’s constant need for attention, will Lorraine pander

to his desires or make a clean break to get her life back?
Another episode of ‘Christmas on The Close’ examines how even long-standing relationships can be

tested by a change of circumstance.

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