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Christmas on The Close

Here you will find the details of the Christmas on The Close series so far...

The First Christmas

Newlyweds Imogen and Richard have just bought a house together and are hoping to make their

first Christmas on The Close one to remember.
It’s the first time they haven’t had to share with flatmates so they are looking forward to having their

own space and privacy, but will the neighbours leave them in peace, or continually interfere with

their arrangements?
Imogen has her own ideas about what makes a perfect Christmas day and she is pulling out all the

stops to make it a delightful dream-come-true. Can Richard solve the problems that threaten to

derail the festive season and stop them from turning her dream into a disaster?
The first episode takes a comical look at how festive preparations don’t always go to plan.

   UK:   http://amzn.to/21z3LJE            US:   http://amzn.to/1TTGV0g

The Christmas Cracker

Tricia and Paul are looking forward to a happy Christmas on The Close where the neighbours

have become friends.
Paul has grown close to Tricia’s son and - from the outside - they seem like a content little family,

but will Jacob ever treat him like a real dad?
Why is the man who abandoned her seven years earlier now trying to worm his way back into

Tricia’s life and will she be tempted to give their relationship a second chance?
The second episode explores the challenge of making choices in the present when the past and

the future are worlds apart.

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A Festive Temptation

Joss and Patrick are planning a lively Christmas with lots of social events to which the neighbours

on The Close are always invited.
Patrick is happy to let Joss take the lead and organise his social calendar, without realising that

the arrangements are not always mutually beneficial.
When an unscheduled encounter leads to the suggestion of a new experience, Joss has to decide

if she is prepared to stretch the rules but would she, in actual fact, be breaking them?
The third episode reveals how the freedom of indulging in an unusual lifestyle can blur the lines

of acceptable behaviour.

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Countdown to Christmas

Lorraine and Ray are preparing for a traditional Christmas while learning how to reconnect after

his recent retirement.
Ray is at a bit of a loose end and is looking for something rewarding to fill his time so that he can

feel useful again.
When her efficient routine is disrupted by Ray’s constant need for attention, will Lorraine pander

to his desires or make a clean break to get her life back?
The fourth episode examines how even long-standing relationships can be tested by a change

of circumstance.

 UK:  http://amzn.to/2c6yQpN          US:  http://amzn.to/2c6zgfP

Mistletoe Moments

Veronica and Owen are looking forward to a happy Christmas on The Close with their friends

and neighbours.
Their son, Travis, is due to take some important exams, but will he be able to concentrate

when a serious crush derails his schedule?
As their fortieth birthdays approach, some significant celebration will be required, but how can

Veronica agree to Owen’s life-changing request?
The fifth episode shows how sharing a treasured life with someone does not necessarily result

in sharing the same treasured dreams.

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The Christmas Miracle

Diane always enjoys baking special festive treats, which she distributes over Christmas to

her neighbours on The Close.
When Diane decides to seek closure with a matter from her past, she unexpectedly finds herself

on a journey she isn’t prepared for.
Her granddaughter, Emma, has all the technical know-how to assist in the search, but is distracted

by an intense - and highly unsuitable - romance.
The sixth episode reveals how it may be easier to allow the head to make all the decisions, but the

heart will never stop fighting for what it really wants.

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The Snow Globe

Nate is beginning to look forward to the future after a messy and unexpected divorce, but his main

challenge comes from the antics of a teenage daughter who is growing up way too fast.
As Summer turns seventeen, she leaves her school friends behind for a more mature environment at

college with a completely new lifestyle, but is she really as confident as the image she portrays?
Father and daughter are both moving on to the next stage in their lives, but what effect will that have

on their relationship, especially when seasonal festivities distract them both from their familial duties?
The seventh episode examines how the dream of new beginnings can be affected by the responsibility

of family expectations.
  UK:  https://amzn.to/2ZzYxcc         US:  https://amzn.to/2ZzYxcc

Angels and Stars

Denise and Greg are very supportive of their daughter, Charlotte, as she competes in the regular

pageants in the local area, but they begin to disagree when an opportunity to attend some larger events

abroad becomes a possibility.
Charlotte loves the pageants almost as much as she loves her dog, Justin, but is she really interested in

taking her hobby any further, or is she simply giving in to her mother’s wishes? More to the point, does

she even have the talent to compete at such a high level?
The eighth episode reveals how an unfulfilled dream for one member of the family can lead to difficult

decisions for the others.

 UK:  https://amzn.to/2ZFaUnu         US:  https://amzn.to/2ZFaUnu

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